List of Ideas

I woke at 4am. It’s 5am now, and I couldn’t fall back asleep.

I have a lot of ideas that I’m working on. Some that I’ve been refining over years, others are more recent. But none have been publicly shared, and I see no reason to continue keeping these to myself. If anything, it might be my reticence that has kept these from becoming more than ideas.

Here they are, ordered by some intuitive combination of “feasibility” and “potential impact”:

  1. The Collective: A simple, concrete way to organize people for mutual benefit.
  2. Recombinant Software: Trying to find the “transferable genetic unit” for software, so that instead of being painstakingly designed (and often reinvented again and again), it can evolve.
  3. [Gingko] Massive Collaboration: Adding “scoped” conversations to Gingko trees, potentially allowing dozens, or even hundreds, to work coherently together on a single document.
  4. Median-based Habit Tracking: What my now defunct project HabitShaper should have been, and what I’m using myself to track my own habits.
  5. Stride App: dynamic resource allocation with flexibility, based on “stride” CPU scheduling. I was juggling a lot of projects at one point (mistake!), and I used this to see this juggling, and when the next ball would drop.
  6. Fourier AI: An approach to AI that benefits from (initial) low-resolution and forgetfulness, to steadily pull out what’s important at different scales.

I have many more, but these are the ones that I keep coming back to these days. I’ll describe some of these in their own posts from time to time, starting with The Collective.